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New activity in les carroz

The brand new 4 Season Alpine Coaster is here in Les Carroz and due to open in time for Christmas 2018. It will set off from the Kédeuze Gondola platform.

A 350m climb before an 850m downhill run punctuated with banked turns, rollers and flip-flaps or succession of rises to the right and left along a straight track.  All set for a sensational ride of about 4 minutes through the heart of the Kédeuze forest.


Have a go at the Virtual Reality run

PanoLuge Etrembieres BAT        

This winter, Les Carroz boasts an all-season Alpine Coaster: not only that, but you can also try the Virtual Reality experience!

Combine reality and virtual reality during the downhill run in the form of a 360 degree 3D film for total immersion in a virtual universe and heightened sensations.


Enjoy a crazy descent into the Carroz mountains and discover its legendary forge, populated by the "Dragoz", a pack of blacksmith dragons, all with different personalities.

Open your eyes ... You will certainly see "Toutéoki" or "Grobiscoto" frolicking in the slope, or "Gelatrouille" hidden behind a tree ...



2018-2019 TARIFFS
1  run*  7€
5 runs* 30€
10 runs* 55€
VR headset rental


Duo offer: 2 runs with VR headset 20€

* (1 or 2 people per sled), valid for 1 year from the purchase date.

Exclusive offer for professionals (accommodation providers and pros on request): Buy 9 x 10 run tickets = the 10th is free, equivalent to a 10% discount


Children can ride the Alpine coaster from 4 yrs. old.
Sleds can be ridden solo or with a passenger.
A souvenir photo system will be available upon arrival (tokens and credit cards)
There must be 2 people in the sled when the passenger is using the VR headset
A 350m climb before an 850m downhill

+ MORE INFORMATION : +33(0)4 50 90 00 42.