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A day’s skiing from 25.90€
With your Grand Massif Skillico pass, you can enjoy reductions throughout the winter season of between 10% and 40% off your days' skiing in the Grand Massif, Flaine or Massif.

Skillico, for "à la carte" skiing, works with a subscriber card along the same lines as an electronic toll system.


With your Grand Massif Skillico pass, you benefit from permanent reductions off the public daily rate for the Grand Massif, Flaine or Massif:
- 40% every Saturday
- 10% every day

Fidelity rewarded
The more you ski with your card, the more you will have : indeed, the 9th and the 14th  ski days of the season will not be charged to 1 €!
Skillico, ski "à la carte", operates with a subscription card on the principle of electronic tolling:
  • You no longer need to check in
  • You are charged directly on your credit card
  • Every month you receive a detailed statement of your ski days
  • You only pay for what you consume

Direct access to the slopes without going through the crates
Thanks to the "ski à la carte" technology, you have direct access to the slopes, avoiding the queues. Equipped with an electronic chip, your card works like a motorway telebadge. Recognized automatically during your stay at the ski lifts, it allows the recording of your ski days.

A monthly billing where you only pay for "ski days"
At the end of every month, an invoice is published in your personal account. You can view and print it. The section "my days of skiing" also allows you to follow in real time your skiing consumption. All ski days are then taken at the beginning of the following month on the credit card used to pay for your membership.



Subscription to Skillico costs 29€ per year for an adult (aged 18 to 64), 15€ for seniors (aged 65 and above) and free for juniors (aged under 18) with the purchase of at least one adult subscription.

Subscribe to Skillico : http://winter.grand-massif.com/skillico-abonnement