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A complex dedicated to relaxation, sport and wellbeing.

Open from 10th December to 23rd April.  

During  February half term open from 1pm to 8pm - On Thursdays until 9 pm.

Other periods from 1:15 pm to 8:pm

(obligatory swimming trunks or boxers for men)

bassin nordique aquacime les carroz
 bassin zen les carroz  solarium les carroz  espace forme les carroz
 espace forme les carroz aquacime

 The Wellbeing Centre

The Sauna: Come to reinvigorate yourself in these wooden rooms where the temperature reaches 70 and 80 degrees
The Hammam: Let yourself be carried away in this wet steam bath at 50 degrees
The indoor swimming pool: For the wellbeing of body and head alike, dive into this pool of massaging bubbles and jets.
The Solarium: Tan while benefitting from the provided deckchairs.


(3 to 12 yrs old)
1 entry 16€ 13€
5 entries 75€ 60€
10 entries 140€ 105€

 prices in january and april

From 3rd to 31st January and from 1st to 23rd April - ADULT 13 € - CHILD (3 to 12 yr olds) 11 €

“bathing” items sold in the machines


30 min sessions are available on Wednesdays and Fridays at 11:15am. For 12 people maximum (3 people minimum). Bookings are essential : 11€

The Fitness Centre

For those who want to keep fit, various types of machines adapted to every type of muscular exercises are available.
Entry to be paid for at the swimming pool’s tills:
1 entry €10 - 5 entries €45 - 10 entries €80


Contact us

33 450 90 24 80 - e-mail