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KID O CARROZ - your children's ski holidays

What if we were to make friends on holiday?

take advantage of this KID O SKI formula - How?

Available only during French school holidays

It includes your child's ski school + the "Loupiots" children's club + meal in the club's restaurant + snacks (afternoons in the club only). Plus, for children enrolled in ski school, we take care of transport between the club and both ski schools

For morning lessons, parents have to go to the office near the Soremac tickets service to sign up and put their childs suits for  the afternoon activities, bring them to their ski instructor, at the end of the ski lessons, the club  takes charge at the end of the lesson bringing them back to the Loupiots club

For afternoon lessons, we take children to ski school and the parents collect them at the end of the lesson and collect children's personal things from the club